Product name Description Fields of application Attributes Approvals Advantages and Benefits
OKS 2600 Cleaner and Degreaser

A cleaner and degreasing liquid for cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces of oil, grease and dirt residues, prior to applying rust preventives and as a cleaner during repair jobs, etc.

  • Strong cleaning power
  • Good penetration
  • Quick evaporation without any residue
OKS 2601 Cleaner and degreaser spray

A powerful cleaner and degreaser spray for

  • Cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces before surface treatment.
  • Cleaning and degreasing of oily, greasy and sticky components such as ball bearings, guideways, bolts, chains, hinges, etc.
Cleaning Workplace-friendly
  • Extremely pure cleaning liquid for all kinds of metals and glasses with no corroding effect
  • Economical, saves time
  • Easy removal of brake fluid, oil residues, resin crusts and adhesives
  • The aerosol jet action helps the cleaning process
OKS 2611 Universal Cleaner

For machine parts and surfaces with oily or greasy soiling. Evaporates quickly and residue-free. High cleaning power. No undercooling. Cleaner for lubrication and glueing points.

Cleaning sprayable with airspray system, Workplace-friendly
OKS 2650 (NSF A1) (BIOlogic) Biologic Industrial Cleaner, Water based concentrate
  • For removal of very greasy, oily and sooty dirtiness, eg. at construction machines, trucks, construction and super structures, tooling machines, beverage and goods automates, of oil and lubricant residues on workshop floors
Weld release Compatible with plastics, cup, Environmental friendly
  • Synergetic combination of active substances with corrosion protective additives
  • Free from solvents, therefore no harming vapours
  • Biodegradable, excellent seperation behaviour
  • Protects plastics, sealing, rubber and sensitive metal surfaces
  • NSF Reg. No. 129003 A1