Product Details

OKS 1103
  • Heat Sink Paste

Heat protection of sensitive electronic components like

  • Sensors
  • Semiconductors – Diodes or transistors fixed on cooling or metal boxes
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Low temperatures Electrical engineering/Electronics, High temperatures, Low temperatures, Effect of chemicals

White-greyish, soft paste

Application Tips
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +200°C
Density 2.30 g / cc
Worked Penetration 280 approx. DIN ISO 2137
Surface Coverage -
Drop Point None
Advantages and Benefits
  • High heat conductivity between metals – Heat dissipation is 20 times better than air
  • Neutral behaviour to materials on which the paste is used
  • Electrically insulating — 1014 ohm cm
  • Dielectric Strength of >18 kV/mm