Product Details

OKS 3740 (NSF H1)
  • Gear Oil for Food Processing Technology

Fully synthetic. Also for the lubrication of roller and friction bearings, chains and other lubricating points. Long operating times due to high temperature and oxidation stability. Good wear protection. Resistant to steam, alkali and acid disinfectants and cleaning agents. ISO VG 680 DIN 51 502: CLP HC 680

Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Roller bearings, Friction bearings, Chains, Closed gears, Worm gears Effect of water, Long-acting

synthetic oil mixture

Application Tips
Operating Temperature: -25°C -> +120°C
Viscosity at +40°C (40 °C): 680 mm²/s
Density (20 °C): 0.86 g/ml
FZG damage level: power level >12