Product Details

OKS 476 (NSF H1)
  • Multi-Purpose Grease for the Food Industry

A universal food grade grease that finds a variety of applications in food and beverage industries like

  • Roller and plain bearings as well as hinges, chains,
  • linear driving gears,
  • armatures, molds, seals, etc.
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Roller bearings, Friction bearings, Pivoting bearings, Levers, Slideways, Spindles, Splined shafts, Springs, Open Gears, Worm gears Effects of water, cup

White, soft grease

Application Tips
NLGI Class DIN 51818 2
Worked Penetration 265 - 295 DIN ISO 2137
Drop Point >+250°C DIN ISO 2176
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +120°C
Advantages and Benefits
  • Universal food grade grease
  • Resistance to cold and hot water, acid and alkaline disinfection
  • Long service life due to very good oxidation and ageing stability
  • NSF Reg. No. 137619 H1