Product Details

OKS 4230 (NSF H1)
  • Extreme Pressure Oxygen Fitting Grease

Lubricant for fittings with contact to oxygen, at high pressures and temperatures. Lubricant for chemical plants and apparatuses. DIN 51 502: MFFK2U-60

Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Roller bearings, Friction bearings, Pivoting bearings, Levers, Slideways High temperatures, Heavy loading, Effect of chemicals, Compatible with plastics

perfluorpolyether (PFPE)

Application Tips

Application Tips

Operating temperature: -60°C -> +260°C NLGI grade: 2 DN factor (dm x n): not applicable Base oil viscosity (40°C): 300 mm²/s Four-ball test rig (welding load): 4,000 N

Advantages and Benefits
  • Excellent media resistance
  • Excellent plastic and elastomer compatibility
  • Excellent wear protection