Product Details

OKS 530
  • MoS2 Water-Based Bonded Coating Air Curing
  • For long-term lubrication similar to self lubricating materials for bearings
  • For wear inhibiton with prolonged service life of sliding surfaces
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Friction bearings, Chains, Pivoting bearings, Levers, Slideways, Spindles, Open Gears, Closed gears, worm gears High temperatures, Heavy loading, Workplace-friendly

Dull black

Application Tips
Optimum Layer -
Thickness -
Curing Time 30 minutes approx. at room temp.
Operating Temperature -35°C to +450°C
Advantages and Benefits
  • High efficiency due to good adhesion
  • Same friction value of coating under highest pressure
  • Increased wear protection of sliding parts which cannot be lubricated by other materials
  • Economical due to low consumption (1 kg covers 15 m2)
  • Environment friendly due to water base, Odour-free