Product Details

OKS 589
  • MoS2 Bonded Coating, Heat Curing

Dry lubrication used in those applications where there is a low sliding speed & high surface pressure such as in

  • Levers, slideways, linear guide systems, spindles, cam shafts, springs, ball joints, plain bearings, hinges, forming operations, splined shafts, open gears, enclosed gears and precision mechanics etc.
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Friction bearings, Pivoting bearings, Levers, Slideways, Spindles, Splined shafts, Camshafts, Brakes, Open Gears, Fittings, Closed gears, Precision mechanics High temperatures, Low temperatures, Heavy loading, Long-acting

Dull Black

Application Tips
Optimum Layer 10 - 30 mm
Thickness -
Curing Time 60 minutes at +180°C to +200°C
Operating Temperature -70°C to +250°C
Range -
Advantages and Benefits
  • Long-term lubrication with excellent protection against wear for increased service life of slide areas
  • Fully effective even after longer downtimes
  • No adherence of dust and dirt
  • Increased protection against wear of otherwise not accessible slide areas