Product Details

OKS 2511
  • Zinc Anti-Corrosion Coating Spray
  • Excellent corrosion protection coating for the repair of all kind of damaged metal parts.
  • As matt grey undercoat on all kinds of parts that are lacquered over after zinc coating as in vehicle and ship repairing, steel, structural and civil engineering, heating and air conditioning installations, etc.
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Steel construction, Sheet-metal processing High temperature, Corrosion protection

zinc grey
purest zinc powder
synthetic resin mixture

Application Tips
Operating temperature: up to +400°C
Salt spray test: 500 h with 70 µm layer thickness
Layer thickness: approx. 20 µm for one-time spraying
Advantages and Benefits
  • Adhesive coating which can be welded through and lacquered over
  • Coating is non abrasive and completely harmless after drying
  • Good electrical conductivity and resistance to heat up to +490°C and very economical in use • 99 % pure zinc