Product Details

OKS 371 (NSF H1)
  • Multi Purpose Oil for Food Processing Technology

High-performance oil for precision machine elements. Tasteless and odourless. Extremely high creep capacity. Displaces water. Dissolves dirt and rust. Washed out of textiles. For use in textile and packaging industry. ISO VG 15 DIN 51 502: CL 15

Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Friction bearings, Chains, , Linear guide system, Seals, Measuring devices, Precision mechanics, hinges, wire cables Effect of water, Corrosion protection, Sprayable with Airspray System

white oil

Application Tips
Viscosity at +40°C 14 cSt at +20°C DIN 51562
Density 0.85 - 0.90 g / cc at +27°C
Flash Point >+200°C
ASTM D 92 DIN ISO 2592
Advantages and Benefits
  • NSF H1-registered
  • Highly effective due to good creep properties
  • Broad range of uses
  • Displaces water