Product Details

OKS 265
  • Chuck Jaw Paste
  • Assembly lubrication of friction and sliding surfaces under heavy, jerky and vibrating stress; particularly proven for the lubrication of huck jaws of machine tools and to prevent fretting corrosion
  • Long-time lubrication of moving parts subject to vibrating stress i.e., control and power mechanisms in hur environment on filling, abelling and packaging machinery also
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Levers, Spindles, Splined shafts, Chucks Effect of chemicals, Heavy loading, Effects of water

Light coloured

Application Tips
Operating Temperature Range -45°C to +110°C
Density 1.15 g / cc DIN EN ISO 3838
Worked Penetration 260 - 290 DIN ISO 2137
Surface Coverage -
Drop Point >+160°C DIN ISO 2176
Advantages and Benefits
  • Best use for contamination free assembly and long-time lubrication
  • High efficiency due to well balanced solid lube combination
  • Manifold application wherever machine components are contamination sensitive and work in humid environment
  • Minimum consumption by applying a thin coating (1kg covers approx. 40 sqm)