Product Details

OKS 640
  • Multi-Functional Fluid

A multi-functional fluid for

  • Easy and quick dismantling of seized screws, bolts, chain links, joints, levers, springs, valves, locks, hinges, etc.
  • Starting wet engines.
  • Eliminating squeaking noises from appliances.
  • Cleaning complicated assemblies like mechanical watches.
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Friction bearings, Chains, Pivoting bearings, Levers, Slideways, Linear guide systems, Spindles, Threaded connections, Fittings, springs, Measuring devices, Hinges, Precision mechanics, Wire cables, Fittings, Splinded shafts, Threaded connections Effects of water, Effects of weathering, Sprayable with Airspray System, Long-acting, Corrosion protection

Clear, brown oil

Application Tips
Viscosity at +40°C 1 - 5 cSt
ASTM D 445  
Density 00.75 - 0.85 g / cc at +27°C
Flash Point >+45°C
ASTM D 92  
Advantages and Benefits
  • A single, handy product to make a worker’s life easy
  • Loosens rust rapidly and inhibits corrosion
  • Displaces moisture
  • Restores wet electrical contacts
  • Lubricates precision components
  • Cleans complicated and delicate assemblies