Product Details

OKS 410
  • MoS 2 High-Performance, Long Life Grease

A high-performance, long-life grease for all bearings exposed to

  • Extreme pressures and shock loads.
  • For splined shafts and threaded spindles.
  • For rough operating conditions like in rolling mills, building and agricultural machinery and for wet operating conditions like beverage, foodstuff or mining.
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Roller bearings, Friction bearings, Pivoting bearings, Levers, Slideways, Spindles, Splined shafts, Camshafts, Springs, Open Gears, Worm gears Heavy loading

Grey Black

Application Tips
NLGI Class DIN 51818 2
Worked Penetration 265 - 295
ASTM D 217  
Drop Point ASTM D 2265 >+170°C
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +120°C(For a short time up to +150°C)
Advantages and Benefits
  • Very high load carrying capacity
  • Performs well in rough operating conditions and in humid atmospheres
  • Extension of relubricating intervals
  • Four ball load of 4000 N
  • Optimum protection against corrosion