Product Details

OKS 1521
  • Mould Release Agent Silicone Free, chlorinated solvent free

Mould Release Agent

  • Clean separation of plastic material from the mould - in processing of printed / painted plastics. Can also be used in the welding industry (electric and shielded arc welding)
  • As an anti-spatter spray
  • As a nozzle spray to increase the durability of the welding nozzles and avoid obstructions of the pistol orifices in the automatic welding installations.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Ensures metallizing without any difficulties of adhesion
  • Allows easy painting and printing on plastic components and parts
  • The thin film ensures that the probability of stains is minimal
  • The silicon free nature ensures adherence of paint / ink
  • Environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful chlorinated solvents - Particularly relevant in export of plastic components to Europe, where components manufactured with materials containing chlorinated solvents are banned.
  • Economy of time in welding applications as an Anti Spatter
  • Optimum Surface Coverage - 50 sft. per can