Product Details

OKS 280
  • White High-Temperature Paste

A high-temperature lubricant used for parting lubrication in hot forming operations such as

  • Drop forging and hot extrusion moulding
  • Hot rolling and bending of steel and non-ferrous metals

Good for sliding surfaces of production machinery like column guides of forging process

Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Threaded connections, Press fitting High temperatures

White, soft paste

Application Tips
Operating Temperature Range: -15°C to +1150°C(Only solid components can withstand temperature upto +1150°C)
Density: 1.70 g / cc DIN 51757
Worked Penetration: 260 - 290 DIN 51804
Surface Coverage: 30 m2 / kg
Drop Point: None
Advantages and Benefits
  • Improved surface finish of goods
  • Improved service life of tools
  • High efficiency due to optimal formula of solid lubes providing good separating effects
  • Free from graphite which may lead to carburizing of tools and / or working pieces