Product Details

OKS 340
  • Chain Protector, Strong Adhesive
  • Wear and corrosion protective lubricant for medium to fast-running chains
  •  Suitable for O-rings
Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Camshafts, Chains, Levers, Wire cables, Effects of water, High temperatures, Effects of weathering, Corrosion protection

Brownish transparent

Application Tips
Viscosity at +40°C 470 cSt
ASTM D 445  
Density 0.9 g / cc at +27°C
Flash Point -
ASTM D 92  
Advantages and Benefits
  •  Wear and corosion protective lubricant for medium to fast-running chains: non staining, noise dampening and elastic
  •  Excellent penetrating power combined with anti-fling properties
  •  Resistant to road salt and sea water