Product Details

OKS 93700
  • Synthetic Food Grade Oil

For the lubrication of

  • Chains
  • Cutting knives and other equipments in all sectors of the food, brewer and beverage industry 

Aerosol version of OKS 93700, OKS 93701 is available for easy application on surfaces difficult to reach.Can be sprayed on evenly, without difficulty.

Fields of application Attributes/Approvals Constitutions
Cutting tools, Chains Long-acting, Compatible with plastics

Colourless oil

Application Tips
Viscosity at +40°C 30 - 35 cSt
ASTM D 445  
Density 0.80 - 0.82 g / cc at +27°C
Flash Point >+200°C
ASTM D 92  
Advantages and Benefits
  • Completely synthetic in nature
  • Compatible with rubbers and plastics
  • Prevents embrittlement of rubbers and plastics atlow temperatures
  •  Does not age or disintegrate
  • Ideally suited for applications involving rubber,plastic, bimetal or metal to metal contacts